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Lithium Ion Battery Cells

Lithium Ion Battery Cells
  Overall Cartel Period 2007-2008
  Total Fines (DOJ) $11.8 million
  Total Fines (EC) No fines imposed
In 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) began investigating possible cartel-related activity in the cylindrical lithium ion battery cell industry. According to the DOJ, SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. and LG Chem Ltd., leading manufacturers of secondary batteries, engaged in a conspiracy to fix the price of cylindrical lithium ion battery cells from about April 2007 until about September 2008. Cylindrical lithium ion battery cells are sold worldwide for use in notebook computer battery packs. The DOJ, whose investigation is ongoing, imposed monetary fines against both companies.
Company Conspiracy Period Fine (USD) Plea Date No. of Excluded Individuals Plea Agreement
SANYO Electric Co. Ltd. 4/07-9/08 $10.7 million 07/18/2013  
LG Chem Ltd. 4/07-9/08 $1.1 million 10/10/2013